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About Tribal Affairs Division (TAD) NGO

Annually, OVW hosts the New Grantee Orientation (NGO) to ensure newly awarded grantees have critical information necessary to successfully implement their new grant project including providing training on federal programmatic and financial requirements, and available technical assistance resources. This year, NGO will be conducted in a virtual environment. The OVW Leadership will provide opening remarks and attendees will include over 70 new grantees from four programs currently administered by OVW TAD. In FY 2021, OVW TAD made awards through the Tribal Governments Program, Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program, Tribal Coalitions Program, and Tribal Jurisdiction Program.

OVW also extends an invitation to this NGO to programs that received funding in an earlier fiscal year but have recently hired a new program manager or financial staff that have never attended an OVW NGO before. In attendance will be OVW programmatic and financial management staff, and other related federal speakers to ensure new grantees are able to access a multitude of resources available to support the implementation of the new grant project.

Who Should Attend

Attendance at the FY 2021 New Grantee Orientation is required as described below by grant program:

Tribal Governments Program (TGP)

  • Programmatic Point of Contact: The person responsible for day-to-day project implementation and ensuring programmatic requirements are met.
  • Financial Point of Contact: The person responsible for financial management of the grant and ensuring compliance with financial requirements.
  • Victim Service Provider: One individual representing the required victim service partner.
  • Elected or Appointed tribal leader is highly encouraged to participate.

Tribal Coalitions Program

  • Programmatic Point of Contact and Financial Point of Contact.

Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program (TSASP)

  • Programmatic Point of Contact and Financial Point of Contact.

Tribal Jurisdiction Program

  • Programmatic Point of Contact and Financial Point of Contact
  • Elected or appointed Tribal Leadership is highly encouraged to attend as are other required project partners – Tribal Prosecutor, In-House or General Counsel, Tribal Judge or representative, Tribal Law Enforcement, Victim Service Provider, or other project partners as identified in the project narrative.

New Project Director/Coordinator or Key Staff

  • A new hire that has not attended a previous grantee orientation session during the award period.

NOTE: If you have new awards under two (or more) grant programs you will need to ensure attendance of at least one Programmatic Point of Contact for each individual project.

Optional Attendees

  • TAD highly encourages elected or appointed tribal leaders to participate in this year’s NGO to learn more about project implementation, compliance requirements and to join TAD leadership to discuss issues impacting successful grant project implementation in tribal communities.

Event Details

December 14-16, 2021

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